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Ilongga Virtual Assistants are not your run of the mill VA agency - we are a team of females who have been dominating the cold calling industry in the last couple of years. 

We provide assistance to professionals in the real estate, customer service, and business to business field. From data entry specialists to cold callers to appointment setters to Inside Sales Associates - we have them available for you.

Our process is simple: We go on a quick client call to determine your needs and tailor fit the right agent that can answer those needs. We don't beat around the bush - we want to jump right on it because leads don't wait. 

Email us at so we can see how we can help you!


To promote Ilongga women into a lifestyle where both career and motherhood meets balance while they positively impact businesses to succeed in other parts of the world.


To provide a career to women who are smart and ambitous. We dream of a world where no woman just wait around for husbands to provide. We are the future of Virtual Assistants.

Who we are

Mothers slash cold caller slash virtual assistants - that special being who knows what you need, how to solve your problems so you can sleep at night knowing everything is okay. Same meaning with virtual assistants.

What can we do

We are skilled in a few things - diaper changing, cooking and folding clothes. We are experts in cold calling, telemarketing, and being Inside Sales Associates for real estate agents.

Clients we have worked with

Real estate investors, real estate agents, trucking, cord health, senior services company and many more


Property management and real estate investment company


Carpet cleaning and digital marketing company



Real estate agent

Darren Change.jpg

Darren Chang

Great Nation Insurance

Medical Insurance Campaign

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Derek Satz

Helpful Homebuyers

Real Estate Investment Campaign

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Deborah Bly

The Bly Team

Real Estate Agency Campaign

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Noam Rosen

As New Surface Care

Carpet Cleaner Admin Assistant Campaign

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