It all started with one cold-caller.

Maria has been working for different call center companies in Iloilo for a while, seven years actually. She was pregnant with her fourth child when she was let go from being in the center because she slept a lot during her pregnancy. A couple of weeks later with her age-old computer and internet that was soon to be cut, she got hired by a co-Filipino to write for $2/article. She had three kids and another one on the way and the bills were piling up - she had no choice.

As she got to know the online world, she found her niche and strived hard to understand and embrace it. One day, it struck her - all these friends of hers who were asking her about how to work online did not know what to do, and it wouldn't hurt to spend a few minutes teaching them how. 

Fast forward to now, Maria has built a team of agents who are not only good in English but are the cream of the crop of their old call center days. These ladies exude not only their obvious beauty but of confidence, skills, and the attitude to do the job. They are not your ordinary run of the mill VA/Appointment Setters - they bring value through punctuality, sharing ideas, giving results, and process change. We have continuously been upping our game by working with different international clients - US, UK, Canadian, Australian, and even a Singaporean client. We have helped scale up and close their deals for them - and we want to continue doing so. 

With more than just our expertise, we are mothers who are motivated to work our hardest and best to give you only the results you want, and even more. 

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