Ilongga Virtual Assistants

Maria, the founder of Ilongga Virtual Assistants, began her journey without anyone holding her hand and guiding her through the process. When she was able to find her niche, she felt that as a way to give back to those who wanted to explore the life of freelancing that she can help train and provide knowledge to her old agents and friends from the BPO.

Fast forward to 2019, when the team was established and has grown immensely since. The team is comprised of call center veterans who have found that, after years of working there, there can be something more fulfilling outside those walls. Our forte is more on cold calling, closing sales, and being a virtual assistant to real estate agents and investors.

What we have is a strong, circle of ladies who are smart, easily trainable, and can work independently. These ladies have made a lot of closings and successful sales in the last two years that the agency has been going on.

We promise only the best kind of virtual assistant service that you deserve!