The Team

We are the change in your daily business.

Yes, we are the change.

When the world becomes chaotic, you can count on us.

When the deadline is looming, it is us you trust.

If you are too shy to call,

then we will be the ones to dial.

If you have too many things to do,

we will man the floor for you.

We are the experts, we are the girls

There's Lucky, Bonnie and Clytie

then there's Juvy, Geraldine and Melanie

our best closers, smooth talkers.

Then we have our deal-makers

There's Lea, Shierra, and Maria

Include Venus, Helen, and Jane

cold callers, sale closers.

When it comes to skill extraordinaire

You can get Jill and Lyn

Plus Apple, Michelle, and Earl

to handle all your affairs with ease.

Yes, I know... there's no rhyme in this poem

but if it helped you ask yourself

"What can I do to hire one of these girls?"

Then the poem (or not) has done its job.

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