Frequently Asked Questions

What tools are you using?

Commonly, tools are being provided by the client. Calling and dialing tools, as well as leads,  should be coming from the client as well as subscriptions. The cold caller is only expected to make calls and do admin tasks when needed.

How do you juggle motherhood and working?

Amazingly enough, our family dynamics allow us to work efficiently in the home. During work time it is assured that the kids are taken care of so that the entire focus would only be work.

What is your payment method?

Paypal, Xoom, Remitly, Bank Transfer, Transferwise

Do you have references?

Yes, we can send them to you via email request.

What is your process if I want to hire?

Initially, we jump in a quick discovery call so we can find out what is it exactly you need. After that, we recommend a caller for you. Introductions will be made and once we are clear on all aspects of the job, we sign a contract.

What kind of clients do you accept?

We only work with clients who share the same life goals that we have: to learn, to educate, to help, to value, and to respect people no matter their title or brand of their car. Our DISC personality tests are essential to the clients we work with because it will help them identify if the personality is a fit. We want this relationship to grow with time. We are not only looking at bettering your business with you - but to learn and thrive with you!