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Today, I cried a few tears

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Dear past self,

Today, I cried a few tears. I just lost a lot of clients this week and I don't know what to do.

Maybe when you are reading this, you wondered to yourself: How did you find so many clients? I am sure if you are reading this in 2017, pregnant with our fourth child, you are struggling making it work in the freelance world. You are using an outdated computer, your internet bill is looming and you can't pay it, you barely ate this last couple of days and you are struggling with the fact that you can't find even one decent client to hire you.

But, I want to tell you something: 2019 is a big year for you. No, you still haven't had the chance to go to a Harry Potter studio, but you did go to Boracay, so that's a start. Also, you will become a founder of an underground, elite group of females who work as cold callers for real estate agents. You have been earning much more than you thought you could ever earn.

Fair warning as well: You lost some important people in your lives, tears will flow, you will miss them and sometimes when you think you're okay, you will remember them and your tears just fall. Be prepared for some difficulties but also be prepared for some really great things.

I am here in 2020, writing this to you to tell you something I have learned in the last three years since we started working online. I learned that when we work, our clients keep us if we show them value, work above and beyond their expectations, honest to them and have an open line of communication. I have learned to be guarded when it comes to Filipino co-workers, because as bad as it sounds, most of them will hate you. I have learned that when we make a mistake, we have to own up to it - and apologize. I have learned that in order for clients to respect you, you should know what you are worth. I have learned that if we show them we have the smarts and we care about their business, they are most likely to love us for it.

Now, I know pretty soon you will give birth, so I suggest that you do take on that huge laundry on the afternoon of July 2, 2017 because it will help you ease the baby out. Your family will get better, your brother will have work, your sister will have a career, your mother will be treated, your father will stop smoking, your husband will graduate college and your kids will be smart. You will find Jesus. At this point, you have everything that you will ever need in your life.

Today, I did cry some tears. Today, I wiped those tears and will go the path the Lord asked me to make. I hope you are doing well, ease up on the sugar and the sweets, it will do us no good here in the future.


ILVA Founder, a.k.a. you, Maria Cabus

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