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Today, I got this website launched

I was looking at the screen, three seconds, thinking, deciding, clicking. There, save.

Now, the website is published, the domain is mine. Wow, this is where the last three years have led me. I am proud to have gone this far. I wouldn't have thought myself to have my own website, even more, paying for that website. I grew up always wishing things should be free.

Things are now becoming clearer to me, and as they are, I am beginning to see why investing in my friends, their skills, my leadership, and our teamwork will be worth it. Some might even say: what can a cold-caller slash virtual assistant slash telemarketer offer that hasn't been offered yet? Well, that's for you to find out as you continue to stay tuned in our site!

I am proud of us team - we have gone where not a lot of women have dared to go: the fields of success.

God bless us, ILVA for today we might have launched a website but tomorrow we are millionaires!

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