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Today, I look back on the day I became a follower of God

When: September 22, 2019, evening service Where: The Way, Robinsons Jaro Cinema 3

It was not as crowded as the last couple of months was when we arrived at around six in the evening, and we were able to find comfortable spots. Today was different because Pastor asked if we can only come without our first-time visitors and for me, I did not bring the kids along as well. A miracle is brewing in The Way as we hold hands in the dream to have our own building - a place we can call ours and where we can sing and worship our hearts out, where we can make earthquakes as we dance until our energy will allow. A big dream, yes, but nonetheless possible with the provisions and sustenance that the Lord will send our way.

We began the night with wild singing and dancing as we praised the Lord through music and movement.

The Way Worship Team did a series of hyped numbers until we started singing our hearts out to gentle tunes that spoke of our gratefulness... "With you, I can do anything, I can do all things" was the lyric that stood out for me that night.

It is true for me and for my life especially when I have not engaged in my relationship with the Lord and I thought that praying at home was enough, my life suffered financial blows and there were days of food famine in our household. I see flashes of my life from the time I started going to these Sunday services: moved to a new home, got an additional 2 clients as a cold caller, sent my two kids to private school, sent my husband to college, got additional help at home, received two laptops from clients, grew to more than 20 clients working as a virtual assistant, unlimited time with my children, birthday parties for family members, got baptized and other undocumented successes and beautiful blessings since then. It is through my relationship with the Lord that my life has grown from a small boat now to a large ship and I can't wait for the Lord to transform it into a yacht, then a cruise ship.

We were still on the topic of "The Only Metric of True Love" and how love is the most popular topic in the world - it is in the books, the radio, the movies. Most of the preaching was connected to last week's message of how love can only be measured through the act of giving. The famous verse of John 3:16 tells us so that because "God so loved the world, that HE GAVE his only begotten Son..." and if there was something or any other way that God can give more than His son, then He would have already done so. More than giving, LOVE is when you give without having to expect anything.

Most of us have been trained since we were children to put in money for the church so that the blessings will come to our lives - this is untrue. Whether or not we give our hard-earned money God still LOVES us. It is the same with whether or not your child after they have graduated and had careers, hand you a portion of their salary or not, as parents we still have the same, if not MORE, love for our children simply because they are our children. The Lord does not base the blessings He gives us on the amount we give the church, He blesses and loves us simply because He is a good father.

Sometimes when people see other people getting blessed, or buying things for themselves, or choosing to travel they would go "He says he has a good life, but why does he choose to buy such expensive things when he can donate it to charity or feed the homeless?". We don't have a right to judge someone based on what we see only from the outside - we don't know exactly what they do or how they do it or what their relationship with God is - and it is not our job to think it or worry about it. Let other people ENJOY the blessings God has given them because for sure, they deserve it and so do we. I remember as I was growing up to always make sure that all the food given to me is eaten because not everyone can afford to eat the same food that we have - now, as an adult with children, I often tell my kids to enjoy whatever it is that we choose to eat outside because I have worked for it and if we have the opportunity we also buy extra so they can give it to the two old men helping ease the traffic outside of the mall. This little exercise that I do with my kids makes them more receptive to enjoying the things given to them and also to allow others to experience the same feeling through the act of sharing. Do not ever be guilty of being blessed more than others - it is a gift from the Lord that He wants you to enjoy. Blessings come in its perfect time, and it is not rushed. I have had years and years of being stuck in a rut, my life aimless - but I am now at a better place - because I chose to give my heart to Jesus and to live my life being in love with Him as He is with me.

One of the best phrases of the night was "Only true love can give without expecting return". The goal is not to receive love because you will receive it (whatever you do, whoever you are, God loves you not because we are good but because He is good) but the mission is to be able to love without having to expect anything in return. We can never OUTGIVE GOD because we can never OUTLOVE GOD - if we measure it through height, through the width, how tall, how fat, how great His love is for us - we can't. We can't measure it, but we can feel it - through all the things that He has sent our way.

God has set up a very high standard of love by giving His only son so we can all be saved - now, the only question is, how far are we willing to give to show the Lord we love him?

I remember the day I gave my heart, and my life to the Lord - March 30, 2019. I ended the life that I was ashamed of, and started living a life that is desirable to God - and know that I still make mistakes since then, but I don't allow it to come between me and my Father. I gave my heart, and my life - and look how it turned out for me.

The next question is for you - When are you ready to embrace the love of the Lord?

See you again on Sunday!

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