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Today, I will teach women how to become virtual assistants

I did not just wake up one day and said to myself I will lead a team. I struggled so hard in finding where I belonged in the world that leading a team was totally never in the picture. I led a team way back when I was working in the BPO industry, and to be honest, aside from gaining one forever friend and some excel skills, my life wasn't all that good when I was there. I was terrified of leading a team because 100% of the team would be online, without me able to have physical access to their work or to coach them face to face.

How can I lead them, teach them, be their friend, be their leader? How can I trust myself well enough to allow them to allow me the power of bringing money into their home? So many questions, so many uncertainties. Even with all these, I still stepped right into it.

Why wouldn't I?

There are so many real estate agents and investors that are looking for world-class cold callers and virtual assistants. It is time for women of caliber to step up their game and join the cluster of people who earn money while still being able to enjoy the solidarity and peace of a home environment.

A Rocky Start

This team didn't start out perfect. I mean, give me a company who got it all perfect on their first day, there would be no hands in the air. There was no process, training was messy and it felt rushed, incomplete. The girls didn't have an understanding of what to do, how to do it among other problems. It was a dirty beginning, and I knew I had to clean things up.

First, we needed to get some rules out.

Mine was pretty simple: communication is not just key, but speedy communication is. We can never allow our clients to feel we are not working on paid time. We can never allow messages to go unread and unresponded in five minutes (not unless you are on lunch). We should always be clear whether we understand or not the instructions provided to us. Common virtual assistant mistakes are being too cocky or confident that you end up actually making a mistake just because you didn't want them to feel you are slow-minded. Asking, confirming, and ensuring clarity is smart. Repetitive questions that were answered too many times, repetitive mistakes that have been called out many times - now, that is what you call dumb (sorry if I am being too straight forward, but it is what it is).

Another key ingredient is the training part. My training strategy has always been quick and efficient. The reason for this is carefully choosing the agents to join my team: great English, proven track record, complete home-based set-up. Training can go as fast as thirty minutes to two hours... yes, that fast! That is how good my team is in dissecting information. The training is pretty simple, with no modules needed, no powerpoints - just plain explaining what they need to do and how I expect them to deliver it.

The next rule is to just enjoy the journey. Most of our clients have been with us for almost a year now, happy and contented with the service we have provided. The reason is that we love what we do - we pour out our heart into it, we are excited to make them happy and meet their needs, we are glad to help them innovate and plan out their business. Whether we are their cold callers, their virtual assistants, their skip tracer - we give our 200% just because!

We choose our clients

Yes, we applied and yes, they responded.

But we don't bite back just because the offer sounds delicious. We are not picky people and we understand that not everyone lands a client. This is where personality matters most! It must always be a match! Why?

We don't want the client to spend time and money training us and getting subscriptions to tools and on the first day, we find out that they are the type who calls you every ten minutes to tell you how badly the script is going. I used to work with someone who wanted to do a video call for eight hours straight! Now, see here, we are not hiding anything, you can put us with a time tracking software and it's fine... but if an agent works and produces well with having to work independently then they are not fit to work with micromanaging clients. The personality has to match because one, we are here to build not just your business but a working relationship and two, we don't want to waste a person's time and money.

Cold caller fairy

We love real estate!

We work for all business who needs cold callers - but like everyone, we have favorites!

A bulk majority of the people we have worked with are real estate investors and agents. We have high performing Inside Sales Associates and Prequalifiers in our team, who has earned their clients' dozens of sold homes in the last year alone. Setting appointments has become second nature because of how awesome the incentives are at the end of the rainbow. Financially, it is very satisfying... but also, emotionally, the fact that you have been an integral part of a family finding their dream home, their first home has no price tag.

Our cold callers are familiar with the use of high-end CRM's like CINC, Chime, Follow-up Boss, and Boomtown. We are pretty versed with Podio, Mojo, Xencall, Calltools, Ylopo, and many other tools that assist the agent in working efficiently in calling their leads. Real estate is still going strong! Anyone here who would like to know how to become a successful VA for a real estate agent or investor, don't hesitate to send a message.

This team is ALL WOMEN!

No, we don't hate men. We live with them, and by golly, have kids with them too (wink, wink)! However, this team is encouraging mothers to not only be children cradlers but business supporters! Women deserve their turn in the spotlight... the time is now! Recently, we have been featured as one of the Top 75 Virtual Assistant Blogs and that is just less than a month worth of blogging, we are extremely happy and blessed!

I end this by saying: I may have hesitated in the past about building this team, but seeing it flourish from a rosebud to a full-grown beautiful rose, I have no regrets.

This rose will continue to bloom, and as it does, so should you!

Learn how today, send me a message!

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